Just for You!
We truly do value our loyal customers. To show our
appreciation, we offer special rewards as our way of
saying “Thank You”.
The EDGE card is here!

EDGE, the best loyalty card in the business, has launched at our
stores on 27th & Superior and 70th & Pioneers! There are so many
benefits to this card and it is totally FREE to our customers!

Our key tag tracks every purchase and you earn points! 20 points
for every dollar you spend and 10 points for every gallon of fuel
you pump. Once you hit 500 points you get something for free!
Your points will continue to accumulate and you will earn more
and better rewards!

27th & Superior
West of McDonalds
70th & Pioneers
South of Wells Fargo Bank
East Side of Hwy 77
You can’t miss it!